Part I

First, we love our fans (A.K.A. Fanatics). And we refuse to have a policy that gets in the way of fan love. In general, as long as you understand that endorsement by Grind Life Athletics, without prior awareness, consideration, and agreement, can’t be assumed or granted. And you agree to be bound by our site’s Privacy & Terms, be socially responsible, and legal, feel free to “share” and “like.”

*This part of the policy refers only to the wearing of Grind Life Athletics apparel for personal use and related social sharing and commentary.

Part II

*The rest of this page is for those intending to use Grind Life Athletics marks, properties, digital assets, physical products, etc. in any other manner than Part I (above), commercial and non-commercial.

“Mark” means, but is not limited to trademark, logo, words, names, phrases, etc. that are the property of GRIND LIFE ATHLETICS LLC. Except by express written permission, use of GRIND LIFE ATHLETICS LLC Marks is forbidden. 

  • All Marks are the exclusive property of GRIND LIFE ATHLETICS LLC.
  • GRIND LIFE ATHLETICS LLC reserves all rights to its Marks.

Others may not;

  • Promote or market “for” or “as” GRIND LIFE ATHLETICS LLC.
  • Otherwise “use” Marks of GRIND LIFE ATHLETICS LLC. Including eCommerce, social media (ex. using a GRIND LIFE ATHLETICS LLC Mark as a profile picture, “cover photo” or hero image, profile username, tagline, about, etc.), or another website; in print or ‘brick and mortar’.
  • Or any other Mark placement whereby the platform’s users may confuse that account, or placement, as an authorized outlet, publisher, producer, marketplace, etc. of GRIND LIFE ATHLETICS LLC, or that GRIND LIFE ATHLETICS LLC is a sponsor or endorser of that account or website, or ‘brick and mortar’ store.
  • Unless authorized by GRIND LIFE ATHLETICS LLC, the manufacturing, wholesaling, or retail selling of any product (or service) bearing a Mark of GRIND LIFE ATHLETICS LLC is forbidden.
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Effective as of August 01, 2019

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