How It Works

Receive a 5% off coupon for your next purchase when you return an old item from our store.

Exchange eligibility is determined by GLA item age:

Jackets: 5 years

Sweaters & Hoodies: 4 years

Shirts & Tops: 2 years

Spandex – Leggings & Spots Bras: 2 years

Joggers & Pants: 3 years

Shorts & Other Bottoms: 3 years

Hats:  4 years

Swimwear: 3 years

Gear: 3 years

*Grind Life Athletics donates 100% of the clothing returned to charity.

*We’ll pay for shipping like any other return. 

*Account required.

*Proof of purchase required.

*Qualifying purchases must be made from our online store at 

*This offer is valid for members only. Keep your grind life athletics account open to maintain an order history.